Big World Little Traveller

Our 4 year old daughter has travelled to 15 countries starting at the young age of 4 months old! Sounds crazy…yeah a little bit at times but I am here to share our experiences (baby stages too) and travel tips to start incorporating travel into your life…try it, you’ll never stop!!!

Christmas away from Home

As a little girl, my Christmas family tradition consisted of going to church on Christmas Eve for midnight mass, followed by a delicious feast of Filipino dishes (my favorite-pansit & springrolls) and then the big event of ripping apart the nicely wrapped presents Continue reading “Christmas away from Home”

7 tips to make sure you never miss an early flight.

Heading to Cuba

It’s time to say Ciao to Italy and Hola to Cuba!!! Three days after returning to Canada, Josh was off again for another video project and this time the destination was Cuba. Mahal and I joined him for his last week of filming to be the actresses for one of the videos.

Going solothis will be my very first time travelling on a plane with Mahal…ALONE (yikes!).

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7 Reasons why you should travel with your baby

I’m not a supermom, far from it so when Josh mentioned that he wanted to take Mahal travelling at 4 months old, I gave him a blank stare. This expression was a combination of Continue reading “7 Reasons why you should travel with your baby”

Why I love when my daughter distracts others.

My carry on luggage is too big?

Mahal and I were on the way to Cuba to meet Josh on his video shoot. The hubby suggested that I carry on my large backpack instead of checking it in just in case it gets misplaced. Continue reading “Why I love when my daughter distracts others.”

Laundry on the road…

Josh laughs at me because I am so obsessed with laundry while we are travelling. Believe me, after a long train ride or hiking in the heat…clean clothes makes you feel like a million bucks!

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Parents are Parents kids will be kids…

A quick reminder on the first day of shooting in Italy that we are still parents (not always perfect) and Mahal…a kid. Casper and Josh had a brilliant idea to film Mahal and I at the top of a castle during sunset. Continue reading “Parents are Parents kids will be kids…”

No strollers allowed!! Hiking to the top of a mountain

Since we started travelling with Mahal we’ve never used a stroller, just baby carriers. We said good bye to our backpack carrier last year when Mahal turned 3 as she was getting too heavy and big to fit inside of it.  Continue reading “No strollers allowed!! Hiking to the top of a mountain”

Nap time

A little down time. Not all kids welcome naps at 4 years old but Mahal certainly still does… Continue reading “Nap time”


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